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Set your creativity free

At Gummibaer Latex, we cater to drag queens and latex enthusiasts by crafting meticulously handmade and glued latex garments of the highest quality. Our team of talented artists embraces creativity, bringing our customers' wildest ideas to life, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.


Get creative - we are eager to fulfill your wildest latex fashion fantasies!

1. Download our custom measurement form

2. Fill it out

3. Submit it with your concept via e-mail.

Custom latex

In case our measurement instructions aren't simple enough, do not hesitate to drop us a few lines with your questions. And we will happily assist your measurement endeavors.

Custom Latex

..or click on the Image to download the measurement form

Get in Touch

Want to discuss your creative ideas or collaborate with our lead artist Loris Latex?

Reach out to us today and let the magic begin!

Contact us now. We would love to hear from you and bring your artistic vision to life!

10772 Woodbine Street

90034 Los Angeles CA


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Still looking for some ideas? Get ready to have your creativity ignited and your Imagination set free as you explore this extraordinary gallery of handcrafted latex artistry!